About the Doctor

I am the type of psychiatrist that is truly interested in you and your story. I strive to really understand the strengths, weakness, experiences, and challenges you bring to treatment. I strive to be trauma-informed, kind, and provide a space where you can truly be heard. This is the therapeutic relationship and the foundation of my practice. It is also a mutual though professional relationship where as I recognize the unique person you are, there will be times where you recognize that we doctors are human too. I always encourage kind, yet honest feedback so we can continue to work on the best possible treatment plan for you even if this means referral to another provider. My focus on the therapeutic relationship also means that while pharmaceutical medications are part of my toolbox to help, it is not my main focus. This is also means that I strive to spend time with my patients where at minimum, brief, focused supportive therapy is always provided. I also provide extended psychotherapy if that is what you need or if you are already receiving regular therapy, I am happy to collaborate with your therapist. I greatly value the therapeutic relationship, using psychotherapy, and other lifestyle and holistic tools to help. I am also happy to collaborate with other professionals in your healthcare team if appropriate for best possible outcomes. I am currently pursuing additional training in Integrative Psychiatry which means complementary and holistic approaches are now continually being added to my treatment toolbox.



This may be the ideal practice for you if:

  • You are open to looking at how we might minimize psychiatric medications, while considering other tools for treatment and wellness
  • You understand that true health and wellness is not something that can be found simply in a pill or a quick fix
  • You are ready to make positive and substantial changes in your life
  • You do not have current problematic alcohol or drug use
  • You may have past problematic alcohol or drug use, however you are now committed to recovery and highly motivated to do the necessary work to maintain long-term recovery including regular 12 step recovery programs such as AA and/or alternatives such as Smart Recovery
  • You are open to the idea that you may not need us forever as we strive for true wellness over time
  • Due to the changing environment, tele-health is mainly available. You are comfortable or willing to get comfortable with online, video based psychiatric services.


This may NOT be your ideal practice if:

  • You are looking for very brief visits with a psychiatrist for medication management only
  • You are not interested in changing unhealthy habits or implementing healthier behaviors
  • You are looking for a psychiatrist to prescribe you benzodiazepines
  • You are looking for a psychiatrist to quickly prescribe stimulants without a careful and thorough evaluation
  • You currently have severe, active, problematic alcohol or drug use which would likely require a higher level of care such as treatment in an inpatient chemical dependency unit, residential, and/or more intense outpatient chemical dependency program
  • You are looking to see a psychiatrist for one visit for medical marijuana or CBD
  • You are often acutely suicidal, have a high risk psychotic illness, and/ or are often hospitalized or regularly needing acute stabilization. This is a very small practice and a larger mental health clinic or one more readily connected to a larger hospital system with more support services would likely better address your needs.


Erica Veguilla MD, MPH: Education and Training

  • MD, University of Illinois - College of Medicine, Chicago, IL
  • MPH, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD
  • Residency in General Psychiatry, Boston University Medical Center, Boston, MA
  • Fellowship in Women's Mental Health, Harvard South Shore/Boston VA, Boston, MA
  • Part-time fellowship Women's Mental Health/Psychosocial Oncology, Harvard's Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Boston, MA
  • Board-certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology
  • Board-certified in Addiction Medicine
  • Fellowship in Integrative Psychiatry, Institute of Integrative Psychiatry, Colorado, 7/2019-present


Dr. Veguilla started her career at the University of IL where she went to medical school. She then went out to Baltimore where she studied at Johns Hopkins and obtained a Masters in Public Health. Afterwards, she went to Boston to do her residency training at Boston University Medical Center. This was followed by a Women's Mental Health Fellowship through Harvard South Shore Psychiatry Program in conjunction with the Boston VA with Psychosocial Oncology training at Harvard's Dana Farber Cancer Institute. After her training, Dr. Veguilla has worked in a variety of roles and settings including being Medical Director of an Addiction Recovery Partial Hospital Program at Harvard's Brigham and Women's Faulkner Hospital, working with veterans at Hines VA, as well as her on-going work at Northwestern Medicine Central Dupage Hospital doing psychiatry consultations in their Chemical Dependency Unit. Finally, in addition to being a psychiatrist, Dr. Veguilla is a wife, mother of 2 wonderful, very energetic kids and a cute, furry Shih-tzu dog, amateur writer and creative thinker.