Cancer Psychiatry

Why would anxiety and depressive feelings emerge after your cancer treatment? This is often due to it being difficult to move from survival mode in the active treatment phase (chemotherapy, radiation, and/or surgery) to the watch and waiting phase in early remission. Fears and anxiety about recurrence, as well as living with physical, cognitive, or even changes in relationships can occur after cancer treatment which can impact a patient tremendously.

In addition, it can be difficult for both you and your caregiver(s) to lose the emotional support of your oncology treatment team, as well as the additional support you may have received from friends and family during the active treatment phase. With Dr. Veguilla's additional training in psychosocial oncology at Harvard's Dana Farber Cancer Institute and her life experience having cared for a loved one with cancer, TreeLight Wellnes can offer a unique understanding of your situation.


How we can help

At TreeLight Wellness, psychotherapy, as well as medication management if appropriate are used to navigate through the varied emotions that arise in the setting of cancer survivorship, as well as any underlying mood and anxiety disorders that become exacerbated in the process. We can treat either those who are cancer survivors or a caregiver affected by the cancer diagnosis. If you are still being followed by your oncologist after the active treatment phase, we are happy to collaborate with your oncologist if this is best for your overall care. Integrative psychiatry approaches remain an overall part of treatment, however the oncology team may ask that nutraceuticals or botanicals not be used during the active phase of treatment.

If you are in the active or acute phase of treatment, we may still be able to help, though often patients are initially followed most closely by their oncology treatment team for new mental health needs. That being said, if you are in the active treatment phase and wish to see us, we are happy to collaborate with your oncology team at your particular cancer center.


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