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We focus on treating mood and anxiety disorders, a variety of emotional and psychological concerns, stress related to work and relationships, and other phase-of-life transitions including dealing with difficult health diagnoses such as infertility and cancer. Our approach is holistic and typically goes beyond just brief, pharmaceutical medication management. Treatment always includes some psychotherapy and is a relationship-driven practice where the hope is that patients truly feel heard. Your treatment plan may also include life-style changes such as nutrition and exercise, mind-body recommendations, and other integrative approaches with a basis of evidence. TreeLight Wellness is continually building integrative approaches into our menu of options for treatment especially as Dr. Veguilla is currently enrolled in an Integrative Psychiatry Fellowship.


What is Holistic Psychiatry?

Holistic Psychiatry aims to truly focus on the whole person where your social connections/relationships, sense of meaning and purpose, and spirituality are also considered in your treatment. It may at times also be called integrative psychiatry. This approach combines conventional psychiatry (therapy and pharmaceutical medicines) with holistic or complementary approaches that also aim to focus on overall welless and address root causes of disease. Holistic and complementary interventions may include nutraceuticals, botanicals, diet and nutrition recommendations, sleep optimization, and mind-body interventions. On occasion, additional testing to better help evaluate root causes of mental health issues may be recommended.


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