Infertility Psychiatry

Building a family should be filled with joy and excitement, but for one in 8 couples this is sadly not the case. Infertility is often filled with significant stress, grief, loss, and can even be experienced as traumatic.

In addition to Dr. Veguilla's medical and residency training, she completed a Women's Mental Health fellowship which included training in perinatal/reproductive psychiatry at Harvard's Brigham & Women's Hospital and has lived her own personal journey of infertility. Therefore, TreeLight Wellness can offer a uniquely safe space to process your feelings around your infertility diagnosis and help support you through your journey.


How we can help

TreeLight Wellness offers psychotherapy, as well medication management if appropriate to navigate through the varied emotions that arise with a diagnosis of infertility, as well as any underlying mood and anxiety disorders that become exacerbated in the process. If your aim is to continue to become pregnant, we can help you understand the risk and benefits of psychiatric medications vs risks of untreated anxiety and mood disorders during pregnancy. If you are still going through an infertility work-up or you are now pursuing assisted reproductive technology, then we are happy to collaborate with your other physicians, Ob-gyn, and/or reproductive endocrinologist for the best possible outcome. Integrative psychiatry approaches remain an overall part of treatment, however during pregnancy, use of nutraceuticals and botanicals are typically limited or eliminated depending on the evidence of safety in pregnancy.


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Treelight Wellness is a proud partner of RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association. Click here to find more resources to help on your family building journey.